Any retailer will create tens or hundreds of invoices and purchase orders per day. These transactions could be diverse such as vendor to the store, store to the customer or vice versa. They are created, stored and shared. But, with time the enormity of managing the transactions and their behavior, will be a critical management challenge.

The challenges could be like -

  1. How do you manage the vendor history and the transactions with him.
  2. How to make a POS and maintain the customer sale history.
  3. To achieve the balance sheet quickly.

retailTrac rises to above challenges quite gracefully with extensive feature set. The offering is a Retail Store Management system, where in one can handle all business transactions like Inventory management, Promotions, Purchasing, Sales and track all these transactions in the Accounting.

  1. Our solution will help in accessibility of application across the enterprise since this is based on client-server architecture and in real time too.
  2. Security is a built-in feature with role based permission.
  3. Profit & loss and Balance sheet is integrated within the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do customize our retailTrac software for client specific. If you are looking for a personalized solution to fit your specific needs, we are here to help. Firstly, we would request you to contact our retail support engineer about your business, and explain the specific features you require. Then our team can provide you with a tailor made solution for your business.

retailTrac application is compatible for all the retail business workflows. If the offering does not meet with your business workflow, our team will work with you to customize the offering.

Our team will give you a complete Demo and walk-through. Later if you any questions, retailTrac has a comprehensive User Manual and multiple videos under Resources page which would help your employees to understand the application. If the provided resources are not helpful, you are welcome to reach our support team to get clarification or even for a customized training sessions.

For any system outages or crashes, our server is backed up to the hour so in the (highly unlikely) event that something goes wrong, your data will remain safe.
If anything, your data is actually safer when you store it in the cloud compared to saving it locally. Why? Because in case (knock on wood) something happens to your devices (i.e. you get the blue screen of death, or they get stolen) you'll still be able to access and take control of your information using other devices that can log into retailTrac.
In terms of switching over to retailTrac, your dedicated Senior Account Manager will work with you behind the scenes to get everything set up correctly for the targeted switchover date. This means you don't have to worry about any downtime as once you switch to retailTrac.

retailTrac is user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as the clients love its features and integrations. We understand that each business is unique and not all applications may be a good fit for you. That's why we invite you to have a walk-through of our software and see if it meets your needs.

Generally, retailTrac support is available during business hours, 6 days a week. As a retailTrac customer you will be helped with any problems you encounter, to ensure smooth functioning of your business needs.

retailTrac connects directly with most of the solutions, so the integration would be smooth and our engineers will work with you to test and integrate. However, our offering can also communicate to other e-commerce solutions via integration services. Our engineers will work with you to provide a better solution.

retailTrac setup is very simple and easy to install from anywhere using internet. If at all any issue arises someone from our team would be happy to come and visit your location. Our support engineer can set up your POS system and educate you and your employees on usage of solution. That way, you can focus less on the technical details and do more of what you love.

retailTrac is a very lightweight application which runs on a PC and with most of the printers, scanners and other equipment you already have. We focus on making the software work with the best and most commonly used retail hardware, and we got a superlative positive feedback from the retailers who are using the solution with existing/available hardware/printers.

Yes, retailTrac has an added feature which supports franchise business to improve productivity and at a significantly affordable cost. You can have a demo with our retail support team about how retailTrac can work for your existing franchises.

In the Accounting tab, select Group node from the left side panel, and click on New and enter the Group name and also select the Primary Group that would become the parent of the new group.

Click on the accounting tab, select Ledger node from the left side panel, and click on New and enter the ledger name and also select the group under which this should lie. Also if required, you can provide the opening balances.

While creating the ledger itself need to select the group so that the created ledger would display within the selected group.

Click on the Accounting tab, select Trial Balance node from the left-hand panel. Here you can see the date search fields. There by searching with the given dates application will display the Trail Balance.
Note: By default the Trail Balance displays the complete list as on date.

Click on the Accounting tab and in the left panel click on the Balance Sheet node. Now you can see the date search fields. There by searching with the given dates application will display the Balance Sheet for the given dates.
Note: By default the Balance Sheet displays as on date.


  • Would like to know more about the Admin module and the functionality that would help with retailTrac, please do watch this video.
  • By watching this video you will be more comfortable to create Roles, assigning the permissions and to create Users.


  • To feel more comfortable about the Inventory, i.e., to understand the prerequisites in creation of Items and eventually creation, please do review the video.


  • In retail business most of the retailers wants to find the quotes, and raise orders based on the quotes.
  • Place the purchase orders with different MRP's and purchase prices.
  • Receiving the goods and moving the stock to the Inventory.
  • To help you understand better about these features, please do watch the video.


  • Retail POS makes the sales simple. Can easily create an Invoice.
  • Can choose different payment options.
  • Watch the video to know more.