Real organics Managing Partner
Real organics

While searching for End to End ( Manufacturing to retail POS) solution, retailTrac team showed us a demo. After watching the demo, 60% of our requirements matched with retailTrac. And later with in short span retailTrac customized as per our requirements. The team support and service is very good. Finally, very much satisfied and also reduced my manual work relates to manufacturing unit with the help of ERP functionality which retailTrac team has given. Thanks to retailTrac team.

N Gopinath Rao Managing Partner

The software is user-friendly with all the necessary controls for maintaining effective accounting system. Previously we were using two different softwares, one for retail business and other for the accounting. But after habituated with retailTrac we are very much comfortable by using retailTrac for both retail business and accounting. Ours is a mutually aided consumers Cooperative stores, here we have to track customer spendable amounts, coupons they use, employee shares, and many more. All these controls are handled and the retailTrac team provided us the software as per our requirement.

The retailTrac team has trained our people and also helped us to connect different printers and in different printing modes. They give a positive response for our calls. I like their service, enhancements as we require, finally accounting which provides us updated information.

Shaik Shakeela Banu Manager
S R Super Market

When we were looking for a reliable retail management solution, one of my co-retailer introduced me to the retailTrac team. They have given me a demo and explained me about the features involved. I was fine with the application but was bit apprehensive about the service. Later on they have installed a version at my location, and it hass been a year passed and I never ever felt that the service was delayed. And I guaranty that retailTrac team gives better service, as in my home town (Madanapalli) many other retailers use different softwares but never seen this quick and reliable service.

While using this app we faced few difficulties in purchasing module, I have complained about the same and the team has given me the Updates as I require and Now I am very much comfortable. Price of retailTrac is little high but according to me its worth because of their service, training and enhancements.

Maha Lakshmi Manager
Maha Lakshmi Super Market

Earlier I had a fancy store, at that time I received a call from retailTrac people asking about the software requirement. Then I explained them all my requirements like Inventory management, purchasing and accounting, then they asked me to see the Demo. After watching the demo I felt it matches my requirements and purchased the application. I'm very much satisfied with retailTrac because each & everything will be tracked in the accounting to see final profit and loss, and Balance sheet when required. Along with that Customer details and his history is also maintained. The team also supported us not only for the software issue even for the hardware issues, and the team is very friendly. But the thing is that the cost is little high compared to other softwares in the market. Also I have come accross a situation that One of my co-retailer has bought a different software at less price, but he is facing many issues in the offering but their customer service is not helping to resolve the current issues. Those who are looking for retail software I would strongly recommend retailTrac because I am very much satisfied with their service and happy with accounting part.

Mr Suryanarayana Raju Managing Partner
Dhana Lakshmi Aqua feed

Previously we were using different software for billing, later on we came accross the retailTrac and as retailTrac provides accounting apart from billing, so after watching the Demo I felt I need to switch and taken the retail software. Here in retail the vendors, customer, sales, purchases, credits and debits every thing is tracked. I like the retailTrac because of its accounting and a great service team.